Task Focus


Kickstart your productivity



Do you feel like you’re wasting too much time?

Discover what you are really capable of with Task Focus – straightforward app that makes sure you advance with each day. Task Focus asks you to create a task list daily, after you submit it you have one day to complete the tasks at hand and then you can enter the next list. Using it routinely is an abiding way for accomplishing your long-term goals.


How it works

Task Focus combines three of the most powerful productivity enhancement strategies. First – it sets a deadline for you. Creating milestones for yourself is a proven way to do more each day, even more when time limitations are externally imposed. Second – because you only have 24 hours for a list all the tasks you can successfully complete have to be small sized. Breaking work into smaller chunks helps to avoid feeling overloaded and actually move on faster. Third – making your progress obvious. All tasks are accounted for, aggregated in a neat statistic and you can even earn some badges in the process!




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