How Task Focus came to be

Where it started

When you are a young person in the beginning of his or her career, every day comes with a challenge.TaskFocusEmblem One thing that is always astruggle is keeping your eyes set on a goal, and sticking to your plan for achieving it. There are many distractions that drain your productivity, and sometimes you simply want to do too much, hopping from one thing to another without really completing anything. Putting things in order requires self discipline, but surely you should be able to find a piece of software that can help you set a frame for your day and remind you what’s important. How about an app for that?


What you need to be successful

Writing your daily tasks is the number one requirement, and often the only useful feature to be found in such software. However, I think there is a lot more that a productivity app of this kind can do for you:

  • It should push you forward, even if you were not able to accomplish everything that you planned. After all, sometimes we have to fold despite our best efforts – but we still keep on going.
  • It should be rewarding to use and providing a real sense of progress.
  • It should allow you to easily and comfortably check what you have done in the past to help you keep on track and plan ahead.


Bringing it together

Task Focus was designed with not only the process of creating and completing new tasks in mind, but all the things mentioned above. You have to maintain just one list – you decide what goes into it each day. Breaking down big tasks into more manageable little ones that can be completed in a day is probably the best way to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed with Profile_framedwork and staying productive. Every list that you ever created is saved so that its incredibly easy to find out when you created it, what has been done, when alarms were set, etc. Task Focus keeps track of how you use it, and gives you valuable feedback on your progress. Sometimes it’s hard to see the value of each daily list alone, hence the integrated badge system and social interactions, as additional incentive to completing your tasks and make every day count.

Ultimately, Task Focus is created to make sure you never pass the opportunity to get ahead. The time to take advantage of this app is when it is going to benefit you the most – right now.



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